• Community Outreach


Almost every case of animal neglect or cruelty is connected to a human issue. Cruelty complaints range from animals with no shelter, food or water, untreated injuries or diseases and animals trapped, injured or abandoned. Some of the most distressing cases involve people beating animals. We're worried about increasing reports of deliberate cruelty and abuse towards animals.

RSPCA WA aims to prevent animal cruelty and we know that one of the best ways of doing that is to show people how to look after their animals and to teach them that cruelty to animals is not acceptable.

Our Community Action Days work directly with families and local communities. They are held at local halls and parks across WA and involve our Inspectors, local rangers, local vets, animal rescue groups and companion animal trainers. We give advice and support to people about looking after
their pets and people in financial dificulties can get free or
discounted pet food, medications and advice from vets.
It's free of charge and eveyone is welcome to come along
with their pets!

We're also aiming to educate children and young people about animal welfare through our Junior Ambassador Scheme. Our Junior Ambassadors are chosen by their school teachers and the RSPCA Education Team to show their peers that it's important to care about animal welfare.

RSPCA WA also undertakes school visits and meets with community groups, to share important messages about animal welfare and cruelty prevention to those who may not be able to access the information for themselves.

We believe community knowledge and understanding is the key to preventing animal cruelty and neglect.