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Welcome to RSPCA WA Dog Training

RSPCA WA Dog Training offers a range of classes and programs to help your dog become a well-behaved, sociable member of the family.

Using positive, reward-based training methods, expert Dog Trainers offer small group classes:

  • Puppy Kindy for pups 8-13 weeks old
  • Level 1 for dogs too old for Puppy Kindy but need help with basic manners
  • Level 2 for dogs to learn more complex commands
  • One-on-one classes to address specific needs and behaviours 

RSPCA Dog Training is offered in small groups at various locations, or in an online class for more nervous dogs, or for those in more remote areas.

Choose your options using the buttons below. Online classes are listed under locations.

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How does Online Dog Training work?

Online group classes, limited to just four (4) dogs or puppies, share many of the same features of a small group class. The format is very similar. The instructor demonstrates with their own dog, then coaches you with your dog one-by-one via live video feed. You can see the other class participants and hear the feedback they receive. You can ask questions at any time. Check out the short video below with Trainer Marina.

What you’ll need for online classes:

To attend an RSPCA Dog Training or Puppy Kindy class online, you’ll need a laptop, phone or tablet with a webcam, a decent internet connection and access to a Zoom account. A laptop or computer with a webcam is easiest, but a phone or tablet will work. Set up your free Zoom account here.


Please note that instructors and other people attending classes may use peanut butter as reward treats and in Kongs as part of the training program. If you or people attending the class with you are allergic to tree nuts, please advise us at time of booking so we can notify the other class members and make alternative arrangements.



Puppy Kindy

Puppies 8 – 13 weeks of age

RSPCA Petbarn City Farmers Dog Training Find a location

Level One

Dogs over 13 weeks of age

level 1 dog training Find a location

Level Two

Must have completed Level One

level 2 dog training Find a location

One-on-one Training

Common Behaviour Problems

One on one training Find out more
Important things to remember:
  • Arrive 10 minutes before your class time
  • Wear suitable clothing and closed footwear
  • RSPCA WA highly encourage family involvement in your dog or puppy’s training. However please keep in mind that the minimum age for owner-trainers is 10 years old and then only under full adult supervision
  • Please keep your puppy or dog on their leash at all times, unless instructed otherwise by your trainer

The value of homework:
Each week our trainers will provide participants with recommended activities to be completed at home with your dog before the next week’s class. The work you do at home with your dog is a vital part of achieving success in your RSPCA WA Dog Training Course!

We understand that occasionally there are uncontrollable events that mean you may need to miss a class. If this is the case, simply let your RSPCA WA trainer know and they can advise you on how to work on your skills at home with your dog and resume normal classes the following week. If you should miss two or more sessions, we ask that you re-enrol to complete the program at another time. No refunds will be given for non-attendance.

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